Emergency Services Fire Up For Australia Day

Fire Truck at Marrickville Sydney

Fire Truck at Marrickville Sydney

A group of firemen at Marrickville Fire Station in Sydney are fronting up on Australia Day in more ways than one. Here’s their story taken from their fundraising page:

On the 26th of January, while many celebrate this fine nation with a BBQ, some tunes, a few beers or a dip in the ocean, there are a select few men and women in the Emergency Services and Defence Force who forgo their free time to protect the freedom and safety we are all fortunate to enjoy. They do this out of duty, and also because they have no say in the roster and pulling a sickie on Australia day would draw serious heat from the bosses.

‘C’ Platoon at Marrickville Fire Station, known as 28′C’ or more commonly “The Premier Shift”, is made up of: Perry “rat up a drain pipe” Rennex, Andrew “Jelly Belly” Kelly, Duncan “Sir Walter” Macaulay and Simon “Dear Leader” Flynn, and we will be on duty For Australia Day, proudly standing by to protect the Inner West of Sydney, poised like coiled springs to respond to any and every emergency and with any luck we might just get called to a rack of lamb alight on a BBQ!

So why not sponsor The Premier Shift and donate to this great cause (see the four worthy charities below) and do something really meaningful For Australia Day. By doing so you will be helping four charities that are committed to making a difference to the lives of many Australian people. All funds raised will be divided evenly to four charities: Aussie Helpers, Fighting Chance Australia, Shake It Up Australia Foundation and SMILE Foundation. Don’t forget to leave a message and have a cold one on the day for us!

You can sponsor them by clicking here. Every little bit counts.

For info on how you can get involved and fundraise on or before Australia Day in your workplace, check out our recent blog post.

Our sincere thanks to Dunc, Andy, Perry & Flynny. We hope you’re not to busy and get to enjoy it.

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Green and Gold or Red, White and Blue…How Do You Show Your True Colours?

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While out shopping over the weekend I saw a heap of brands getting into the Australia Day spirit by producing Aussie flag branded products and packaging. Anything from your usual bits of Australia Day festive accessories such as bbq aprons, stubby holders and mini flags; to biscuits savoury and sweet and; even nappies! It appears that a rugrat soiling the underside of our national flag is patriotic! Ok, I guess it is pretty cute.

I didn’t notice much green and gold among all this, but have certainly seen plenty adorned in years gone by so I’m curious. How do you express yourself on Australia Day? Leave a comment below or post on our Facebook page to share your view!

Whatever you prefer, an even better way to express your love and appreciation for this fine country and its people, and really show your true colours, is to give a bit back by getting involved in For Australia Day and fundraising for the four awesome charities we’ve partnered with.

Rather than fork out all your spare change on impulses  and consumables (which may barely see the day out), you can really show what you’re made of by sparing a thought for the Aussie families that are doing it tough, and dedicating your celebration to them and the charities that support them. This gives you a real reason to celebrate and will create a lasting impression well beyond Australia Day. Your funds raised – however small – provide a positive benefit to the family of a child suffering a rare disease, or the creation of a meaningful job for a person with a physical disability, to name a few. You can get involved with your Australia Day celebration now and start fundraising today, meaning you don’t necessarily have to ‘shake the tin’ on Australia Day itself. Just head to http://foraustraliaday.com/get-involved/ for info on your options and a step-by-step process.

By all means still get in the spirit of Australian themed products and display your chosen colours with pride. After all, I know I couldn’t resist a packet of Tim Tams.


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Fundraise at Work (and milk a bit of extra time away from the desk)


With this year’s Australia Day 26 January being a Saturday, Friday 25 January is the perfect opportunity for you and your fellow employees to get involved and raise some funds at work.

Why not organise a fundraising morning tea of lamingtons, damper and billy tea? A bbq snag or lamb fest for lunch? Or even head to the closest park for an arvo of ‘backyard’ cricket in the name of charity and staff morale? Sure, open space and time may be an issue so you may instead opt for a thong-throwing competition down the corridor between cubicles. Use your imagination (or Google) and come up with a fun Australia Day themed activity suitable for your workplace.

So tap your work social committee folks on the shoulder, get a few flags around the workplace and get your staff together, even if only quickly. Four great Australian charities is reason enough, but throw in the benefit of a staff morale boost when the ‘post festive season back to work blues’ are setting in and you’re on a winner.

If you play your cards right, you could score the Friday arvo off work in the name of charity. If you succeed at this, I reckon you deserve the following Monday off as well.

So register your workplace fundraising activity now at foraustraliaday.com/register and spread the word to your work colleagues.

Also be sure to get social with us and share what you’re doing with the FOR AUSTRALIA Day Facebook community. Your great workplace idea may well inspire others.

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Make this Australia Day, 26th January 2013, FOR AUSTRALIA Day.

FOR AUSTRALIA Day targets Australia Day as an opportunity for Australians to give charitably and help other Australians in need, just by celebrating what is great about Australia and its people. In 2012, a handful of folks raised over $2,500 just by cooking barbecues, enjoying a few beers and playing beach cricket.

Whilst celebrating this Australia Day, you can help four charities that are committed to making a difference to the lives of many Australian people. All funds raised will be divided evenly amongst the four charities: Aussie Helpers, Fighting Chance Australia, Shake It Up Australia Foundation and SMILE Foundation.

Wherever you are in Australia or around the world, just do whatever you would normally do to celebrate Australia Day. Whether you are hosting or attending an event, cooking a BBQ for friends, listening to the Triple J Hottest 100, participating in a sporting event, becoming an Australian citizen – however you choose to celebrate – you can help. Or you can take the opportunity to create a unique Australia Day event to celebrate and raise money. It is up to you.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED In the lead up to Australia Day seek sponsorship from friends and family, to support you in celebrating Australia Day! We’re currently finalising the simplest method to collect donations in 2013 so look out for more info in future posts. Like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/foraustralia, share it with your friends and encourage them to support you and get involved. Share your Australia Day plans on the wall and we’ll provide some Australia Day celebration ideas as well as information and stories on the inspirational charities you’ll be helping by making this Australia Day FOR AUSTRALIA Day.

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